packesave netvision

classification of a app

The following is how to classify the app.
If you always limit the app( as firewall ), an app that communicates over the network are classified into the following three types, and register all.
Apps that do not need to communication is not included in any.

App to cellular communication on the screen OFF( and ON)
It is an application, such as mail , message and telephone app.
If necessary, include weather, the news, etc.
These apps will always be able to communicate regardless of the state of screen and communication.

App to cellular communication on the screen ON( not OFF)
In a state where the screen is turned ON, it is an application to operate.
Such as WEB browser, map software, online games, etc.
App you have registered here can not be done the cellular communication at the time of the screen OFF.
When Wi-Fi connection it can communicate.

App to communicate only using Wi-Fi
Apps that communicate only when Wi-Fi connection, please put it in here.
For example, it is an application for downloading large files.
App to communicate using cellular and Wi-Fi, please regist it in any two of the above.